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The Life Of Jesus Of Nazareth - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1623 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/07/01 Category Religion Essay Level High school Tags: Jesus Christ Essay Did you like this example? The life of Jesus of Nazareth If you had to name a person who most influenced the United States of America, who would that be? You might choose the first President, George Washington, the Revolutionary War, or you might choose Abraham Lincoln, who saw the country through the Civil War, which endangered to tear it apart. As important as these records are, when you start talking about the most significant people in the history of the world, your possibility must get much greater. One person whose influence has been large enough to fit this bill is Jesus of Nazareth the icon of todays largest religion, Christianity. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Life Of Jesus Of Nazareth" essay for you Create order We know far more about Jesus as a man. Most gospels pick up the story of Jesus when he was about 30. By that point, Jesus was a traveling preacher, who traveled from settlement to settlement speaking about the importance of love and kindness, often inspiring the traditional Jewish law of the day. Authorities were often doubtful of any type of wandering preacher, and Jesus was often forced to do his preaching from hillsides several miles outside main settlements. There he supposedly drew large crowds and performed miracles for his followers as well, including turning water into wine and reviving a dead man. Jesus was born in Bethlehem about 2,000 years ago. For his first thirty years or so, he was an old-style Jewish life in Nazareth, working with his father as a tradesman. Throughout this period, all of Israel was under Roman controller. Jesus became more and more of an seeming threat to the prepared religion of the day. As a outcome, the Jewish leaders asked the Roman leaderswho were in control at the time † to execute him. There were authorized trials, but the Romans determined that Jesus was innocent of any crime against Rome. The religious leaders continued with political arguments and finally convinced Pontius Pilate, the Roman ruler of the area, to approve the execution. Jesus was ridiculed, tortured, and hung on a wooden cross just outside Jerusalem. His simple followers dispersed. Three hours later, he died. We know that something happenedsomething caused his scattered followers to relinkreengage † spread the word about Jesus again. Within a couple months, there were thousands in and around Jerusalem that became his supporters. Within a couple eras, there were hundreds of thousands in the Mediterranean region that called themselves Christiansor followers of Jesus Christ. In 325 AD, Christianity became the authorized religion of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Within 500 years, Greek sanctuaries to pagan gods were being changed to Christian churches all over the Roman world. What could have happened to cause such a powerful movement in the name of one simple man? Indeed, about one-third of the world is measured Christian today. Thats a pretty astounding numberthats a pretty powerful life after nearly 2,000 years. Yes, some religious organizations have confused and cluttered the original message of Jesus over the centuries, but his simple life and powerful words still speak for themselves. Thats why we spent over two years producing this series of Drive Thru History. We repaid to the original textsthe Gospelsand the original landscapeIsraeland take the time to discover the history, geography, and culture neighboring the life of Jesus. The question, Who is Jesus? obviously still matters. Against all odds, the historic influence of Jesus continues to enlarge throughout the world. Throughout history, the effect Jesus had on the lives of people has never been beaten. No other great leader has encouraged so many positive changes in the lives of his followers. People who meet the risen Christ are totally altered. Their outlook on life is changed forever. Staying accurate to their faith, they do not waver to face hardship, harassment, and even death. Many sanctify their lives to serving others, lessening their own needs and desires. The spirit of Jesus mission was to save the specific life of every person who chooses to put his or her trust in him. He didnt just point the way to a set of principles or moral principles as many other teachers did. Rather, he assured when we were born again by his Spirit he would come to live inside of us, guiding and empowering us to live expressive and godly lives. From the very beginning people experienced his company, power, leadership, alteration, and empowering, which changed everything in peoples world. People was no longer the wretched man that I am! (Romans 7:24) but was set free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2). There was a new blast†a lively power†to live a productive life. Over the past two thousand years, it is the Spirit of Jesus Christ in millions, and now billions of people, that has altered the landscape of history through changing individual lives. No one changed the role of women in society more than Christ. Before New Testament times, women labored in harsh, submissive roles, and were often nothing more than slaves to men and their families. Loren Cunningham and David Hamilton point out in their liberating book Why Not Women? that the Greek philosopher Cicero likened women to slaves, dogs, horses, and donkeys†all properties to be used and cast away. Jesus facts and example reconfirmed the truth that in every way, from the time of creation, women are of equal worth as men in Gods sight, including their complimentary roles in the marriage relationship. ALL the womens rights we enjoy, especially in the past two hundred years, were fashioned by the Christian faith. Even in Muslim societies today, women are second-class citizens, not like in the Christian West where women have all the same rights as men. If youre a woman living in a Western nation, you can thank Jesus Christ for the freedoms you enjoy. The love of Jesus Christ has made the utmost mark upon the world. God is love, and Jesus horrific suffering on behalf of sinful people presented the world once and for all that God cares for each one of us and provided a way out of our fault and self-destruction. For two thousand years, followers of the loving Christ have supported his compassion and care to peoples everywhere. Nations have been won through his love. Most hospitals and other ministries of compassion around the globe have been launched in his name. Where there has been destruction through natural disasters, wars, or scarcity, people filled with Gods love have run to ease human suffering via the Red Cross, World Vision, and thousands of other agencies. Where would our world be without the love of Christ as spoken through his people? We end with our foundation Scripture. Christ changes individuals and nations by giving them a firm hope in a future he has protected through his death, revival, and mounting. There is life after death. There will be a resurrection of all people. Jesus is coming again to bring his redeemed people into an infinity of love and blessing in his heavenly attendance. Because of these truths, the follower of Christ lives in continuous and overwhelming hope in the future that Jesus Christ will provide. Hope is not a wish or a dream†its as real as the nail-scarred hands and the unfilled tomb. Hope gets us through the day, helps us handle misfortunes and death, and points our hearts skyward. Jesus Christ is the only hope of the world. Did you know that we would have lost much of the countless works of Greece and Rome (and other civilizations of the ancient world) if it werent for the Christian monks who conserved that information through finding, conserving, and repetition ancient writings during the Middle Ages? Are you aware that the primary universities in Paris and London were started by advocates who had a thirst for knowledge and wisdom? Did you know that the production of the Gutenberg Bible was measured by TIMEmagazine the most important event of the past five hundred years because it made truth and information easily obtainable to the masses? Have you heard that the first 120 universities in America, opening with Harvard, were started by followers of Christ for the progression of the Christian faith? Most of the major indicators in human education flow from one fountain: faith in Jesus Christ. What Jesus taught was so very different than anything else that in the end he was killed for it. Even so, thats still probably not enough to enormously impact humanity. Thousands of people have had essential ideas, lived out their lives and died in insignificance without ever being noticed. However, there is one very momentous difference with Jesus that sets him separately from every other teacher, preacher or religious figure throughout history: Jesus didnt stay dead. The authorities of his day knew Jesus spoke regularly of his resurrection, so they took some life-threatening steps to make sure his followers couldnt steal his dead body and commit a hoax. Of course, because they took all those measures it made it much more difficult, nearly impossible really, to successfully markdown the claims of Jesus being revived when it did happen. So much so that today there are 2 billion plus people on the planet who believe Jesus was elevated from the dead. If you look at other major world religious groups, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and such, only Christians follow a leader who is still living. The tomb of Jesus is empty. And that is why Jesus totally changed history. Reference: Published by: TED OLSEN Published by: N.T. WRIGHT Published by: James J. Drummey

Marquis vs. Thomson on Abortion - 3085 Words

Marquis versus Thomson on Abortion The debate about abortion focuses on two issues; 1.) Whether the human fetus has the right to life, and, if so, 2.) Whether the rights of the mother override the rights of the fetus. The two ethicists who present strong arguments for their position, and who I am further going to discuss are that of Don Marquis and Judith Thomson. Marquis Future Like Ours (FLO) theory represents his main argument, whereas, Thomson uses analogies to influence the reader of her point of view. Each argument contains strengths and weaknesses, and the point of this paper is to show you that Marquis presents a more sound argument against abortion than Thomson presents for it. An in depth overview of both arguments will be†¦show more content†¦Therefore, it explains why it is wrong to kill a person while they were and infant as it is to kill them now. The conclusion of this argument is that because abortion involves killing fetuses and fetuses have FLOs for exactly the same reason infants have FLOs, and then abortion is immoral. Lastly, Marquis offers an analogy, the analogy with animals. He goes to show that humans are not the only living things that can suffer. That the suffering of non-human animals is wrong, and thus inflicting pain, whether it is towards a person or non-person is wrong. To deprive someone of a future value is a misfortune no matter whom the deprivation in inflicted on. This analogous argument goes to show that abortion is wrong by taking the same form of this argument for that causing pain and suffering to non-human animals is wrong. Now on a different note, Thomsons main argument is set out to undermine the anti-abortionist argument. The anti-abortionist argument states: Every person has a right to life, the fetus is a person and hence has a right to life. The mother has the right to control her own body, but the fetuses right to life is stronger than her right to control her body. Therefore, abortion is wrong. How Thomson goes about this is through analogies, and her main argument is through her violinist argument. Thomson asks you imagine that you find yourself hooked up to a famous unconscious violinist. If he cant use your kidneys for nine months, hell die.Show MoreRelatedThomson vs. Marquis: Abortion1756 Words   |  8 PagesThomson vs. Marquis Blake Place Philosophy 160 Monday Wednesday 10:40AM – 12:05PM In submitting this assignment with this cover page, I am hereby stating that: (1) I have voluntarily read, understand, and agree to uphold and abide by the syllabus plagiarism policy for this class; (2) I have neither plagiarized any other author’s written material or unwritten ideas or enabled (intentionally or unwittingly) other students to plagiarize any part of this assignment; (3) I have neither shown orRead MoreWhy abortion is morally wrong1412 Words   |  6 Pagesyou slice it, abortion is morally wrong. Although that should not be misinterpreted for a pro-life stance on abortion because there are numerous circumstances that must be considered in each situation. Just because abortion is morally impermissible, it does not mean that society will deem you a bad person for getting an abortion under extreme circumstances. For that reason, abortion is a specifically tricky topic to discuss. There is no clear-cut answer as to whether or not abortion should be allowedRead More In Don Marquis’ Article, â€Å"Why Abortion Is Immoral†, He1030 Words   |  5 PagesIn Don Marquis’ article, â€Å"Why Abortion is Immoral†, he argues that abortion is seriously immoral, except in rare instances. His main argument implies that it is wrong to kill a fetus because a fetus has a future-like-ours (FLO). In this paper I will analyze Marquis’ main argument, propose an objection to one of his premises, and then reference one of Judith Jarvis Thomson’s points in support of my objection argument. The central argument posed in Marquis’ article goes as such: P1: If a fetus hasRead MoreEssay about An Ethical Argument Against Abortion2135 Words   |  9 Pagesthrough a procedure called abortion. The law protects and provides consent to both the mother and the medical professionals for these procedures. However, the babies seemingly have no right to protection or life themselves because of the argument regarding when a fetus is determined be human and have life. Pro-life author, Sarah Terzo, in a article, relays the following testimony supporting this from a medical student upon witnessing his first abortion, â€Å"Rejected by their mothersRead MoreShould Abortion Be Legalized?2314 Words   |  10 Pagescitizen’s nationwide chose their future president based on what the path of abortion would look like if they were to become elected. The democratic candidate promised the legalization of abortion for women, while the republican candidate promised to make every aspect of abortion illegal. Then arises the issue of wh ether or not the government should intervene by making abortion legal or illegal. Of course, when talk of making abortion legal or not is brought up, half will argue with the side of religion

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Quotes to Help You Celebrate Everyday Life

You wake up every morning, wondering what the day has in store for you. It could be a fun day full of happy surprises, new friendships, and accomplishment, or it could be a lousy day with the boss yelling at you, your car breaking down, or your cat running off. Some days are good; some not so good. However, life is always good. Albert Einstein said, In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. If you look at life positively, you may find that a hurdle is a stepping stone to success. Instead of making excuses, you find reasons to succeed. Each failure teaches us important lessons in life. Successes and failures are part of life. Recharge your soul with positive thinking. Start your day by affirming that life is good. Quotes that build positive energy are great stress busters. Helen Keller: So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good. Dan Brookoff: Pain does not have a moral value. Drugs do not have a moral value. Life is good; to be cherished, promoted and supported. We, as physicians, should not be moralizing about pain or its treatments. Euripides: There is just one life for each of us: our own. Boris Pasternak: The great majority of us are required to live a life of constant duplicity. Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel,  if you grovel before what you dislike, and rejoice at what brings you nothing but misfortune. Doug Horton: Life is good when we think its good. Life is bad when we dont think. Samuel Johnson: Almost every man wastes part of his life in attempts to display qualities which he does not possess  and to gain applause which he cannot keep. Bertrand Russell: The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Jason Zebehazy: Three things are needed for a good life: good friends, good food, and good song. Winston Churchill: We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give. Ann Landers: Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead. That is where your future lies. Steven Coallier: Attack life; its going to kill you anyway. Claude Pepper: Life is like riding a bicycle. You dont fall off unless you plan to stop peddling. Ralph Waldo Emerson: It is not the length of life but the depth of life. Samuel Butler: All of the animals except for man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it. Josh Billings: Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. Albert Schweitzer: A great secret of success is to go through life as a man who never gets used up. Abraham Lincoln: And in the end, its not the years in your life that count. Its the life in your years. Isak Dinesen: Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever. Albert Einstein: There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Karl Wallenda: Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting. Buddha: On lifes journey, faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day, and right mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him. Sid Caesar: In between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed. Lou Holtz: Never tell your problems to anyone. 20 percent dont care and the other 80 percent are glad you have them. Dr. Seuss: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind. Alexander Graham Bell: When one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.

The Fundamental Elements Of Disagreement Within A...

The foundational elements of disagreement within a respective field habitually derive from the overlap between personal knowledge and shared knowledge, in the zone of exchange. Man forms shared knowledge to which experts in specific fields utilize to construct their personal truth and thus it becomes knowledge. This knowledge results from a multitude of diverse perspectives to formulate facts that can be adopted by other experts up to their discernment. It is possible there can be disagreement between experts in a discipline by virtue of peer reviewing, futuristic estimations, and one’s moral standards. When one is allocated the title of an expert, it is essential to acknowledge what principles constitute when given such prestige. I†¦show more content†¦Furthermore, the natural sciences add perspectives to ethical debate when examining one’s moral principles. Meta-ethics comes into play when moral principles are being determined as universal or not. I believe there is no definitive line in which dictates one’s moral beliefs. Such can be observed in my World Studies Extended Essay that focuses on the negative transformation of the Great Barrier Reef systems on behalf of human activity and natural causes. Although expert marine biologists are exposed and aware of the perishing coral reef systems, their moral judgments can often cloud the logic and reasoning of the situation. For example, some marine biologists are more prone to accusing the natural environment tendencies for the causes of coral reef bleaching, while others implicate mankind is completely respons ible. These perspectives, based off of moral judgments, are established as a result of external factors such as one’s culture, moral values, environment, or the way in which one was raised. Moreover, this can often lead to dispute among experts because of the subjectivity and bias each individual expert contains. However, despite there being conflict amid the experts, this provides for a diverse center of viewpoints by which allows for shared knowledge to generate. With this shared knowledge, itShow MoreRelatedA Comparison of the Economic Theories of Adam Smith and Karl Marx2203 Words   |  9 Pages There is perhaps not a more famous ongoing dialectic argument in the field of political economy than the one between Adam Smith and Karl Marx in regards to capitalism. The two thinkers, although coming to radically different conclusions about the outcomes of the capitalist system for all parties involved, agree on a surprising number of ideas such as labor being the source of commodities’ value, as well as the fact that the division of labor increases productivity. However, their different conceptionsRead MoreCognitive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in the Field of Organisation Behaviour.2424 Words   |  10 PagesClient/Interviewee Consent Form has been read and signed by both parties, and where applicable parental consent has been obtained. Cognitive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in the Field of Organisation Behaviour. Within human societies, there are elements of social interaction and logical problem solving. Some individuals are known to their friends as very smart people who can fix problems. If these smart people are not know to their friends or their community, doesRead MoreGames Theory in International Relations2695 Words   |  11 PagesGAMES THEORY IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 1.0 INTRODUCTION The field of game theory came into being with Émile Borel s researches in his 1938 book ‘Applications aux Jeux des Hazard’, and was followed by the 1944 book ‘Theory of Games and Economic Behaviour’ by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern. This theory was developed extensively in the 1950s by many scholars. Game theory was later explicitly applied to biology in the 1970s, although similar developments go back at least as far as theRead MoreUnderstanding of the Rule of Law2498 Words   |  10 PagesTransport v Transport and General Workers’ Union , the citizens will be able to legally push and bully the other citizen when there is no enforcement with the rule of law. The rule of law, in other words, is where the country functions within a structure of law to prevent anarchy . As what Sir John Donaldson said in the case of Heaton’s Transport v Transport and General Workers’ Union , the courts and the rule of law is there to protect the individuals from unfair and tyrannical treatmentsRead MoreConflict Resolution6008 Words   |  24 Pagesrelationships, which are possible agents of conflicts. Conflict refers to human confrontations, which create disagreements between two or more parties. Within a normal human interaction, it is obvious to find conflicting opinions, ideologies, principles, and structures of believe. Some instances of disagreements and difference in pathways of executing difficult and minor activities within an organization or company create conflicts. Ways of thinking cannot be similar among two and more people. ApproachesRead MoreIntroduction to Economic System3031 Words   |  13 Pagesscarcity through allocation of finite productive resources. Examples of contemporary economic systems include capitalist systems, socialist systems, and economic system of Islam. Economic systems are the economics category that includes the study of respective systems. Economic System of Islam Islamic Economic System implies a mood of satisfying the economics needs of the members of organized society in accordance with is injection of Quran and Sunnah. The mood of spending production, distribution andRead MoreContentious Expert Testimony Case Study: R vs. Smith4529 Words   |  18 Pagesalso asserted that there was much circumstantial evidence against the defendant and that too much of that had been swayed to impact the ruling. For example, the making of the will in Smiths favour, his activity in her financial affairs, and other elements were primarily circumstantial and did not indicate murder. Circumstantial evidence is important in its ability to prove a variety of distinct relevant facts which will all point to the same conclusion. While its true that circumstantial evidenceRead More Group Dynamics in Psychology Essay5695 Words   |  23 Pagesthat we would otherwise be unable to accomplish individually. I also recognize a sense of interdependence as we are all affected by changes involving any single employee. 2. Name the five basic elements for effectiveness in groups and discuss each with respect to both groups. a) Positive Interdependence Social: In my social group for example, we often help one Read More From Production Line to Segmentation of Production Essay6054 Words   |  25 PagesFrom Production Line to Segmentation of Production 1. Introduction Competition has changed: Technical Innovations, globalisation of markets, cultural shifts within societies and new and efficient competitors put strain on the organisation of production within a firm. Many markets display a state of saturation that leads to a change in growth: Not quantitative growth is what firms are aiming at, but qualitative growth (Wildemann 1998:1). The improvement of the production is one way toRead MoreLeading Innovation Change5895 Words   |  24 Pagestheories of innovation and change. Additionally, different theories will be compared and weaknesses or strengths will be highlighted. Document presented below is not only on an extensive review of the literature but also on my own working experience within banking industry. This paper will contain three sections; the first section is theory review of Innovation and Change. The second section consists of going through personal successful and unsuccessful changes which I faced in my professional environment

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Student Exploration Graphing Skills Gizmo Free Essays

. Student Exploration: Graphing Skills Vocabulary: bar graph, line graph, negative relationship, pie chart, positive relationship, scale, scatter plot, variable Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo. ) 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Student Exploration: Graphing Skills Gizmo or any similar topic only for you Order Now Four kinds of graphs are shown in this Gizmo. Circle the kinds you have seen before. [pic][pic] [pic][pic] Bar graph Line graph Pie chart Scatter plot 2. Where have you seen graphs used? Graphs are used everywhere. You can find them in textbooks, newspapers, meetings, schoolroom, everywhere. Basically anywhere someone needs to portray information, visualize data, display trends or patterns, compare two or more things, chart progression/digression, show relationships, etc. 3. Why do you think graphs are useful? Like stated above, graphs are useful to share information with others and put it in a picture-like form. Sometimes it is easier to understand a concept if you can visualize it, which is what a graph does. Gizmo Warm-up: Using the Graphing Skills Gizmo 1. The Graphing Skills Gizmoâ„ ¢ starts with a bar graph on the right and a data set on the left. Practice using the Gizmo by doing the following: †¢ Write a title. †¢ Label the vertical and horizontal axes. †¢ Change the scale of the vertical axis. †¢ Drag the bars up and down. 2. Use the Graph type dropdown list to select other kinds of graphs. Practice with each type of graph: †¢ On the Line graph drag the points up and down. †¢ On the Pie chart change the size of each slice by dragging the edges. †¢ On the Scatter plot drag points from the data table to the graph. Activity A: |Get the Gizmo ready: |[pic] | | | | | |Bar graphs |On the Challenge menu, select Create graph. | | | |On the Graph type menu, select Bar graph. | | | |If necessary, click New until Animal speed data appears. | Goal: Build a bar graph based on a data table. 1. Create graph: A bar graph is useful for comparing things, such as how fast animals can run. †¢ Write a title for the graph. (Look at the title of the data table for a suggestion. ) †¢ Label the horizontal axis and the vertical axis. †¢ Pick what you think is the best choice for a vertical axis scale. †¢ Drag each bar to match the data in the table. Do your best to estimate heights. 2. Check your work: Click Check to see how well you did. A. What was your accuracy score? Over 90 is excellent. ) Accuracy score is 100. B. What vertical scale did you choose? (In other words, how much does each horizontal line on the graph represent? ) Each line on the graph represents 20 km/h. 3. Revise: Click Show value on mouseover. Move the cursor over each bar to see its value. Adjust each bar and click Check until the accuracy score is 100. To show your work, click the screenshot camera at upper left. Paste the screenshot into a blank document. 4. Interpret: Which of these animals is fastest? Cheetah Slowest? Human . Apply: Click New and make the next bar graph. Adjust the scale if needed and don’t forget to make a title and label each axis. Click Check to see your accuracy. A. What country has the highest life expectancy? The lowest? Country with the highest life expectancy is Andorra. Country with the lowest is Zambia. B. Does anything about the graph surprise you? I hoped that the USA would have the highest life expectancy, but that was not the case. (Too many McDonald’s to blame. ) 6. Challenge yourself: Hold a contest with your classmates. Turn off the Show value on mouseover checkbox and click New. Who can create the most accurate bar graph? |Activity B: |Get the Gizmo ready: |[pic] | | | | | |Line graphs and pie charts |Under Graph type select Line graph. | | | |If necessary, click New until Temperature data appears. | Goal: Build a line graph and a pie chart. Line graphs 1. Create graph: Line graphs are often used to show how something changes over time. Write a title and label the axes. Adjust the vertical scale if needed. Create the line graph by dragging the points up and down. 2. Check your work: Click Check. What was your accuracy score? Accuracy score is 100. 3. Revise: Turn on Show values on mouseover and adjust the graph until your score is 100. Take a screenshot of your graph and paste it into a document. 4. Interpret: Which day was hottest? Wednesday Which day was coolest? Sunday 5. Apply: Try additional line graphs until you are comfortable making this type of graph. Discuss the most interesting graphs with your teacher and classmates. Pie charts 6. Create graph: Pie charts are used to show proportional data. Under Graph type select Pie chart. Make sure that Show values and labels is checked. Write a title for the pie chart and drag the pie pieces to match the data table. 7. Check your work: Click Check. Revise your pie chart if necessary. When the pie chart is correct, paste a screenshot of the chart into your document. 8. Interpret: What were the most popular pies? Apple 9. Apply: Try additional pie charts until you are comfortable with this type of graph. For a real challenge, try to make a pie chart with the Show values and labels checkbox turned off. 10. Extend your thinking: The Gizmo also allows you to create a data table from a graph. Under Challenge select Create table. Write a title for the table and then fill in each empty box based on the graph. Click Check to check your accuracy. Activity C: |Get the Gizmo ready: |[pic] | | | | | |Scatter plots |Under Challenge select Create graph. | | | |Under Graph type select Scatter plot. | | | |If necessary, click New until Studying and score data appears. | Goal: Create a scatter plot. 1. Create graph: Scatter plots are used to see if one variable is related to another. Each point on a scatter plot has two values. For example, if Robert studied for 40 minutes and g ot a quiz score of 98, Robert’s point would be placed at (40, 98) on the graph. (You can think of that as â€Å"over 40, up 98. †) To make a scatter plot, do the following: †¢ Write a title for the graph. †¢ Label the horizontal axis based on the second column of the data table, and the vertical axis based on the third column of the data table. Include units in each label. †¢ Adjust the horizontal and vertical axis scales if needed. †¢ Drag each point to match the data. 2. Check your work: Click Check. What was your accuracy score? Accuracy score is 100. 3. Revise: Turn on Show values on mouseover and adjust the graph until your score is 100. Adjust the axis scales if necessary. Paste a screenshot of your graph into a document. 4. Interpret: Based on this graph, will studying help you do well on a test? Explain. Yes! The longer a student studied, the higher his/her test score was. 5. Extend your thinking: The â€Å"Studying vs. Score† scatter plot shows an example of a positive relationship—as one variable increases, so does the other. The points in this type of scatter plot tend to go â€Å"uphill† from left to right. A negative relationship is the opposite—as one variable increases, the other variable decreases. These types of scatter plots go â€Å"downhill† from left to right. A. Which graphs in the Gizmo show a positive relationship? In the â€Å"Income versus Education† graph, as one’s education improved and increased, the income they earned also increased. With the â€Å"Study and Score Evaluation†, when one’s study time increased, the score also correlated with an increase. With the â€Å"Growth Over Time† graph, there is a positive relationship since as one person increases in age, the height also increases. B. Which graphs in the Gizmo show a negative relationship? The only graph I could find which remotely represented this was the Temperature Data Graph. As progression increased through the week and it got closer to the weekend, the temperature decreased. Although not demonstrated in the Gizmo, a perfect example of a negative relationship would be as the elevation above sea level rises, the temperature decreases. ———————– [pic] How to cite Student Exploration: Graphing Skills Gizmo, Essay examples

Why Romeo’s Mood Change When He Realises Mercution Is Dying Free Essays

Romeo’s mood changes when he realizes that Mercutio is dying as he suddenly becomes regretful ‘that an hour hath (Tybalt) been my kinsman’ and decides that ‘others must end’ over ‘this black day’s fate’, whereas at the beginning of the scene he is very calm and peaceful and tells Tybalt ‘I love thee’ and that the reason he does excuses the need to react aggressively toward the ‘greeting’ Tybalt gives him calling him ‘villain’ as his hate can have ‘no better term’. Romeo is made ‘effeminate’ by Juliet’s love and so his love ‘excuses the appertaining rage’ so he doesn’t harm the Capulet, ‘whose name I (he) tenders as dearly as’ his own as he is married to Juliet. When Mercutio and Tybalt are fighting he still continues to try to keep the peace, and tells Benvolio to help ‘beat down their weapons’ which links to the fight in Act 1 Scene 1 where Benvolio draws his sword to prevent the fighting, showing how they aren’t opposed to force to protect people they care about. We will write a custom essay sample on Why Romeo’s Mood Change When He Realises Mercution Is Dying or any similar topic only for you Order Now When he realises Mercutio is dying he sheds his peace keeping attitude and actively participates in the fight as either him, Tybalt ‘or both’ must go with ‘Mercutio’s soul’ ‘to keep him company’. This also contrasts with the love expressed for Tybalt earlier, as he acts more masculine instead of being ‘effeminate’ as Juliet ‘hath soften’d valour’s steel’and fights to maintain his family’s honour and also avenge the death of his ‘very friend’, which shows two sides to Romeo; one being the courtly lover who is in love with Juliet and the other being an Italian hot-blooded male. How to cite Why Romeo’s Mood Change When He Realises Mercution Is Dying, Papers

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DNA Structure Essay Example For Students

DNA Structure Essay The Thread of Life, is deoxyribonucleic acid, also known as DNA. Thismolecule which is the bases of life, is spiral shaped and found in the nucleusof cells. DNA has the genetic code for bodies, controls development ofembryos, and is able to repair damage caused to itself. All DNA moleculeshave linked units called nucleotides. These nucleotides have sub-units that have5 carbon sugars that are called deoxyribose. DNA is composed of four basescalled adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. These are some of the mainprinciples of DNA. What we know today about structure of DNA begins in 1868 whena Swiss biologist Friedrich Miescher did the first experiments on the nuclei ofcells. Miescher used the nuclei of pus cells from old medical bandages. In thesepus cells he found What We know today about structure of DNA begins in 1868 whena Swiss biologist Friedrich Miescher did the first experiments on the nuclei ofcells. Miescher used the nuclei of pus cells from old medical bandages. In thesepu s cells he found phosphorus with a substance he called nuclein. This nucleinhas an acidic portion which is classified as DNA. Another scientist Thomas HuntMorgan made an important discovery around 1900. He observed that certaincharacteristics were inherited quickly through numerous generations of fruitflies. So he made the conclusion that these genes must be near one another onthe chromosome. In 1943 Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, and Maclyn McCarty, threescientists working in the Rockefeller institute, preformed an experiment bytaking DNA from a virulent (disease-causing) strain of Streptococcus pneumonaeand transformed a non-virulent (inactive) form back to a virulent form. Avery,MacLeod, and McCarty discovered from their experiments that DNA carried avirulent message that can be transferred into the recipient of non-virulentcells. This proved that DNA was a carrier of genetic information. An importantdiscovery of the 1940s was the discovery by Erwin Chargaff who establishedthat her editys alphabet which are the four bases adenine (A), guanine(G), thymine (T), and cytosine(C) can occur in different orders in differentorganisms. In 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick put forth a radical new ideaabout DNA. Their idea suggested that the DNA molecule was made up of two helicalchains instead of three intertwined chains as previously thought. Today we havea strong knowledge of DNA and scientists are applying that knowledge to a threebillion dollar project called the human genome project. This project willexamine the structure of human DNA and map out every single gene in the humanbody and will take 15 years. The strong knowledge that we have of DNA allows thescientist to map out the genes at about 1 to 2 per day. This may not seem to bea very fast rate but scientists have already found the genes that cause diseasessuch as Hunningtons, Lou Gerhigs, and the Bubble-Boy disease. Another way that we use our strong knowledge of DNA is in criminalidentification. This plays a major role in todays society. Because eachpersons DNA is different (except in identical twins) police officers can takeblood or semen samples from a crime scene and take them to the lab foridentification. This can insure the guilt or innocence of a suspect. An exampleof this is the O.J. Simpson case where investigators tried to match O.J.s DNAto the DNA at the scene of the crime. Another way scientists apply theirknowledge of DNA today is by using special enzymes called restriction enzymesthat cut through the phosphate of DNA and these cut ends are called stickyends because they easily attract other tails from other DNA. Scientist usethese restriction enzymes for genetic engineering by removing a gene from oneorganism to another. In the future DNA has great possibilities for thebetterment of mankind and also the detriment. The most obvious and controversialpossibility would be the cloning o f humans. Scientists have already cloned sheepand other such organisms but have yet to take the step for cloning a human eventhough the technology is in place, the ethics of this may not be. The method toarrive at is quite simple. The embryo of an organism is removed in the earlydevelopment stage from the uterus then split and each separate part is placed ina surrogate uterus. Scientist are trying to clone organisms beyond the earlyembryonic stages, making for a much more difficult challenge. In 1996 Scottishscientists were able to clone a sheep, Dolly, by taking skin cells of a donorsheep and were deprived of nutrients to halt cell production. Then anunfertilized egg is taken from another sheep with its nucleus removed, to eraseany genetic information and then finally fused with the skin cells from thefirst donor sheep. Though Dolly characteristics are the same as the sheep thatthe skin cells were taken from, she is not a 100% clone. She is not a true clonebecause not all organisms are found in the nucleus and therefore still retainsome of the traits from the surrogate sheep. The human Genome Project that issaid to be done by 2005 will sequence more 35 million pairs of human DNA. .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c , .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c .postImageUrl , .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c , .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c:hover , .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c:visited , .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c:active { border:0!important; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c:active , .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u813d9c5b1b68e191516c0528d26fda5c:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: The Under Ground Railroad EssayBecause of such advanced technologies in the future and continually growingknowledge of DNA we may be able to find cures for such diseases as cancer orAIDS or even deformities such as sickle cell anemia or down syndrome. DNAtechnology is one of the leading sciences going into the 21st century. Becauseit could potentially cure or eliminate such diseases or deformities as AIDS ordown syndrome it could also potentially harm us in the future with more lethalbiological weapons. However anything dealing with DNA is a highly complicatedand sensitive issue to most people. This knowledge is so powerful that we areable to play God, in a sense, and crea te or alter any organism we choose. Thatis why I believe that for the betterment of mankind we must regulate andrestrict this information to insure that it is used for ethical purposes ofmankind. Science

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